Who will save your blood?

To ensure the need for blood, there must be 40 donors per 1000 inhabitants. Now these indicators in the post-Soviet space – less than 20 people out of a thousand. What happens if donor blood is not enough? Postponed operations, dying in catastrophes, at difficult birth, young mothers lose blood, oncology patients can not undergo therapy courses. By donating blood, the donor gives these people a chance to live. By the way here you can find best blood pressure drugs by cheapest prices.


In heavy births, you can lose a lot of blood and there is a risk of fatal outcome. Regular donation provides emergency care to young mothers and newborns. Donor blood saves mothers and the future of their families. Each donor in this case saves two lives at once.


Every year and adjacent states there are more than 500 000 cases of cancer. Such patients are at risk of anemia, bleeding and hemorrhages. Blood transfusion for cancer patients is not a one-time procedure, but a part of therapy. Blood and its components are needed by these people on a regular basis. Only donors can save these people.

Patients with surgery

Annually more than 1 000 000 medical operations are conducted. In neighboring countries, this figure is comparable to the population. In case of severe bleeding, hospitals always need a blood supply. Sometimes, in order to save a patient, you need liters of blood. The donor becomes a rescuer of the sick.

Victims of catastrophes

About 1.2 million people die every year. Some of them could stay alive if they got donor blood. In the event of an emergency, in which many people suffer at the same time, it is critically important that blood supplies in the region could cover such costs. Only regular donations can save people who are affected by disasters.