Laboratory department

The laboratory department is equipped with modern laboratory equipment. all manipulations for blood sampling are performed using disposable medical instruments and disinfectants, meets current WHO requirements and prevents infection and infection of donors and patients.

Studies are carried out on automatic analyzers of leading manufacturers. everything devices are certified for operation and equipped with an internal control system quality, which ensures high authenticity when performing research.

General clinical blood analysis is performed on a modern hematology analyzer. Firm Swelab Alfa (Sweden). The patient has the opportunity to get the result on 20 blood counts.

The work also uses a hemoglobinometer photometric portable AGF-03/540 – “Minihem” for the rapid determination of the quantitative content of hemoglobin in the blood. A large range of biochemical studies is performed on the analyzer StarDust MC 15

German company DiaSys. For express determination of bilirubin content and activity alanine aminotransferase is used Roche biochemical analyzer Reflotron Plus
Diagnostics, made in Germany.

Immunological studies are performed using modern gel technology on ID card DiaMed (Switzerland).
Also paid tests are performed in the laboratory:

Hematological studies:

  • Complete blood count on the analyzer Swelab Alfa;
  • determination of hemoglobin by hemoglobin cyanide method;
  • Counting leukocyte formula describing the morphology of cellular
    blood elements
  • determination of ESR.
    Biochemical studies:
  • determination of total serum protein
  • determination of total bilirubin in serum
  • determination of liver activity;
  • determination of aspartate aminotransferase activity;
  • determination of direct bilirubin
  • determination of cholesterol;
  • definition of creatinine
  • determination of glucose
  • determination of urea
  • Determination of alkaline phosphatase;
  • Definition of alpha-amylase;
  • Determination of uric acid
  • determination of gamma-glutamine transferase activity in blood serum
  • determination of C-reactive protein;
  • definition of antistreptolysin;
  • determination of rheumatoid factor;
  • determination of triglycerides;
  • determination of high density lipoprotein cholesterol;
  • determination of low density lipoprotein cholesterol;
  • determination of alanine aminotransferase in capillary blood by the express method;
  • determination of bilirubin in capillary blood by the express method.
    Immunological analyzes:
  • determination of blood type in venous blood
  • determination of the Rh factor in venous blood
  • determination of the Rh phenotype;
  • determination of antigen K of the Kell system;
  • Individual selection of blood using gel test systems;
  • Screening for anti-erythrocyte antibodies in Coombs indirect test using
    gel test systems;
  • determination of the titer of anti-erythrocyte antibodies in the indirect Coombs test with
    using gel test systems;
  • determination of total thermal alloantityl in the NaCL Enzyme test using
    gel test systems;
  • determination of hemolysin antibodies.

The laboratory conducts testing of donated blood.

Immunochemiluminescent method for the presence of markers of blood-borne infections is carried out on Analyzers Architect i2000sr production Abbott (USA) HIV infection (NIV Ag / Ab- combined determination of total antibodies to HIV

  • 1/2 and p24 HIV-1 antigen);
  • hepatitis B (HBsAg – hepatitis B virus surface antigen);
  • hepatitis C (anti-HCV – total antibodies of the hepatitis C virus)
  • syphilis (anti-Treponema pallidum – total antibodies to the causative agent of syphilis).

The laboratory conducts laboratory studies of canned donor
of blood and its components for compliance with quality indicators approved by order Ministry of Health of №211 from 09.03.2010 “On approval of the procedure for control of observance of safety and quality indicators of donated blood and its components “.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine №211 from 09.03.2010 “On approval of the procedure for control of observance of safety and quality indicators of donated blood and its components “.

The quality control department conducts monitoring of donated blood and its components. On physico-chemical, hematological, biochemical parameters. In addition to laboratory tests, compliance with technological processes of preparation and processing of canned donor blood and its components NTD requirements, control of storage conditions of blood transfusion media.

The premises of the department are equipped with modern equipment:

  • hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa (Sweden);
  • hemoglobin level analyzer Plasma / Low Нb (Sweden);
  • analyzer of hemostasis BFT-II (Germany).

The laboratory department carries out bacteriological monitoring of the conditions for donating blood
and its processing into components, the objects of research during which are:

  • sterilization regimes
  • the material to be sterilized
  • the air environment of the rooms for donation and production boxes,
  • the hands of the staff and the skin of the elbows of the donors.

Written by

Lauren Dunn