Donor selection department

The main tasks of the department are:

  • Medical registrars check a person who wants to be a donor for
  • card file set aside from donation and fill out the donor card.
  • The nurse measures the body temperature, gives the direction to
  • screening for plasma donors.
  • Physicians therapists conduct a medical examination of donors (skin examination,measuring blood pressure and pulse, auscultation of the lungs and heart),
  • patient medical history and drug prescriptions
  • pre-test counseling in connection with the examination of donor blood at HIV, admitting to give blood and determine the dose of blood.Doctors conduct post-test counseling and provide oral and written
  • Help to donors.

The only donor center:

  1. Maintains a card file for all donors who donated blood in all departments transfusiology of city hospitals and at the Blood Center.
  2. Conducts the card index of persons suspended from donation by absolute or temporary contraindication.
  3. Provides a telephone check on the database of all wishing to be donors for transfusiology departments.

Written by

Lauren Dunn