Branch of the brigade

If you are ready to give a piece of yourself to people, save a life. Even those about whom you have not heard and they will never know, and will not recognize you in the crowd, are invited to join the “donor day”.

A unique opportunity to donate blood near your place of work, in your office offers an exit team of the Blood Center.

For the “Donor Day” you need only the premises and your desire to help seriously ill patients, the rest is provided by the visiting team of the Blood Center.

In the absence of the opportunity to hold a “Donor Day” in your office, it is proposed to join the “Donor Days”, which are held on the basis of the city’s health institutions and other institutions in accordance with

Every day, the visiting team of the Blood Center conducts a collection of donated blood in the districts of the city.

Daily blood donation takes place at the city’s blood center at 456 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000, from 8 o’clock 00 min. until 2 pm

Please note that blood donation requires appropriate preparation and the absence of contraindications.

Information about the schedule of visits, preparation for blood donation and a list of contraindications are available on the website of the blood center.

Do not neglect the opportunity to save a person’s life and undergo a free test for HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, syphilis, activity of alanine-aminotransferase (ALT), find out your blood group and Rh factor.

The maximum allowable dose of harvested blood is 450 ml.

We are waiting for everyone, with a passport and identification code.